Become a Qualified Therapist in Healing the Root-Cause

Join us and become qualified with the latest innovation in getting to the cause and healing people's symptoms - you will not find this kind of powerful therapy training anywhere else.

Mainstream training is outdated and only work on surface level symptoms and band-aids - in addition training's can be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of study with sub-par results (so our clients say who have tried the normal route of dealing with their mental health and other issues).

This certification is clear, to the point and you can become a confident therapist within a few months and practice hours.

As an bonus you will find optional support on how to run your own practice and business.


Internationally Recognised Certification (IICT)

Self-Paced Online Study Course

Innovative and Effective New Therapy

To have the chance to be trained and certified in the modality that literally saved my life has been an incredible experience.

We all have trauma, it's part of the human experience, and to be able to now help people with theirs is so rewarding.

Melissa makes things very easy to understand in the course and I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

I am really enjoying the process so far. There have been significant shifts in this clients life which is very exciting to see. She is really breaking down some life long barriers.

I'm finding it fascinating how each limiting belief can be perceived/defined differently depending on the scenario.  Just in these few sessions the assumption of what a person thinks a limiting belief means is turned upside down once it's put into context with the event.

I've been surprised how accurate the soul messages have been and it hasn't been an issue presenting the therapy in a neutral way.

I really enjoyed my sessions with (other student mentioned) as well. The first one was crazy intense. It's all very fascinating.

Root-Cause Therapy Certification:

Do you want to learn tools which gain outcomes which far surpass the current outcomes of mainstream therapies?

Do you want to become a therapist and healer for personal or professional use?

Do you want to be able to study from anywhere with flexible online learning?

Start your course now and gain an Internationally Recognised Qualification (IICT) which will give you the ability to professionally assist people in healing their trauma, addictions and mental health issues confidently.

This is a tried and tested set of tools to help you and others with becoming the best versions of themselves and be able to create an income from home or your own clinic (from the success of our clinic to yours).


Where is it delivered?

This course is purely delivered online, with easy to follow practical videos, worksheets and scripts.

  • All you need is a computer or smart phone to access the training
  • Self-Paced - Get Certified in your own time

What's included?

  • Get Qualified and become eligible for Indemnity Insurance through IICT.
  • Join a community of other students and healers.
  • Practice hours can be completed with your fellow students or loved ones.
  • Easy to follow steps to confidently start seeing client as soon as completed!

Hear from past students


BONUS Inclusion

Research Course

Dive Deep into research and gain the knowledge you need.

Our course has been created to be a resource and self-paced home study program over the time of your training and weekly intensive healing.

This will ensure you have the knowledge and resources behind you in order to be an effective and confident therapist and healer.


Module One :
Welcome to the course, about the trainer and how the course works. Everything you need to know!

Module Two :
The amazing ‘Testing Sheet’, what it is and why our clients love it to watch their progress through sessions. Also why and when we use it.

Module Three :
An overview of who you can help with this therapy and how. From addictions to mental health, performance, spiritual and personal development

Module Four :
Detailed Step by Step instructions on exactly how to use the Testing Sheet, from session to session. What ‘Limiting Beliefs’ are, along with a demonstration video.

Module Five :
Explaining what is healing is and demonstration video on how to set up clients for a successful healing session.

Module Six :
From start to finish, each stage and explanation of exactly how to do a healing, how to completely heal a trauma and negative emotions, life and thought patterns. Along with a demonstration video!

Module Seven :
How to help your client see their own compelling future! All scripts and demonstration included.

Module Eight :
How to successfully end a session, note taking, client management and more! Demonstration of what progress over multiple sessions looks like.

I've always known I wanted to go on to help others after I went through the experience of addiction.

To now have a chance to use the training that gets to the root-cause of issues rather than the surface-symptoms truly feels like the start of my life's purpose being fulfilled.

The Centre For Healing and its staff is supportive in the entire training process and to be able to now take what they created and let it continue to grow half way around the world in the USA, what an honor and a blessing. 

Matthew McNutt


Matthew McNutt


Learning this modality has completely changed my life both personally and in the way in which I work with and achieve results with my clients. It has given me and my clients the ability to dig deep and access the underlying pain and blockages disallowing them from achieving their goals so that together we can achieve immediate results. I'm so grateful to have learnt the modality and to be able to share this gift with others

Chanel De King


Chanel De King


After being a former patient I was honoured to now learn the techniques of a truly remarkable program that deals with the root cause of trauma. 

This program has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and all of the past self sabotaging habits caused by early trauma has really brought positive changes and opportunities to my life. 

I now have a self love that I never thought would be possible and want to help others become the best versions of themselves. 

The program Melissa has created is highly intelligent and easy to understand and apply. The model combines tackling the root causes of trauma and combines it with a holistic approach. I could not recommend this program enough. 

Nicolette Pankovics


Nicolette Pankovics


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