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We bring you our own teachers personal journey towards inner peace and give you a chance to share your story within our community.

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An abundance of resources and courses tailored to the spiritually focused being right at your fingertips (through your phone, tablet or computer anytime).

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Unlike other online resources, you also get to join a Zoom meetup with like minded people where we encourage open & conscious conversations.

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Access to our Best Paid Online Courses; 
> Going Deep Course on Spirituality ($49 Value)
> 20 Module Research Course ($200 Value)
> Investigating your Relationship to Life Course (Value $197)
> Plus many more on the way!
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Easy Access to all of our Free Courses;
>Understanding Trauma Course
>Running a Trauma Informed Business
>Relationship to Life Mini Course
>Pre-Trainings to our Practitioner Certifications
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A Library of all of our Favourite Resources when it comes to Spirituality, Healing and Personal Development
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Easy Access to our Live Online and Pre-Recorded Masterclasses 
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Monthly Zoom Meetings & Group Coaching where we can all grab a tea and have Open Conscious Chats!
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Private Facebook Community (if you are already on social media)
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The Access to all of our Guided Meditations plus Member Exclusive Content added every month!

Introducing Your Teachers

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Ryan Hassan

Ryan is Co-Founder and CEO at The Centre for Healing.
His passion for helping people with Mental Illness and Addiction comes from his own pain.
Ryan suffered from anxiety for as long as he could remember and that manifested in many destructive patterns throughout his life, culminating in a hardcore drug addiction to Methamphetamine & GHB.
Whilst this addiction took everything material from his life, it was also Ryan's greatest blessing. 
He was forced to face up to his mental and emotional demons, and he not only overcame the addiction but also his anxiety to feel peace for the first time.
This led him to completely immerse himself in how people end up in emotional pain and how it’s possible for anyone to be free from it.
This led him to opening The Centre for Healing, to help people who have found themselves in the pain he once was.
He has successfully helped many people in getting past their Addictions & Mental Health issues through his experience, understanding and knowledge. 
He is now a proud dad (which is a whole other personal development journey in itself!)

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Melissa Hiemann

Co-Founder of The Centre for Healing
Therapist and Mum.

After spending most of my teenage life partying, drinking, taking drugs and getting into a lot of toxic relationships it ended up all coming to a head when I was 25, had lost my second home that I had bought due to a relationship breakdown. I was depressed, in a stressful job, and with another relationship breakdown my self esteem was at an all-time low. 

I ended up seeking help of an alternative therapist, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world - both outside and inside! I then signed up to do a course for myself, half way through the course a lightening bolt hit me... I knew this is what I wanted to do - help people heal and get out of their own way to the life and happiness they deserve.

Since then I started my own spiritual journey. Healing myself and others to help myself and the collective find more inner peace, open their hearts and rediscover their amazing soul. 

In the last 7 years on my journey I have opened a healing centre, authored a book, and had the honour of helping so many peoples through thousands of sessions heal their trauma and find joy and peace again in their lives!

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Matt Nettleton

I have a long history of substance abuse disorders and trauma. I came into recovery 4 years ago and went on a journey of healing my trauma, during the healing journey a shift of identity from the conditioned mind into awareness occurred. I realised who I thought I was was not who I was. In other words, my identity collapsed for a brief moment and what was revealed was the essence of who I was, and who everyone was.

Since then it has been a journey of seeing/making conscious all the conditioned patterns that still exist within myself, an ever deepening embodiment of my realisation.

The work I do is based on my own experience. I intuitively meet the person exactly where they are at and use the appropriate techniques/steps to help them to move into the next stage of spiritual/psychological/emotional development.

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Just some of the courses that you will get access to when you subscribe...

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Gaining more peace in life through understanding ourselves and the people we love 

Topics covered in course:

MODULE 1: Addiction

MODULE 2: Trauma

MODULE 3: Identity

MODULE 4: Anxiety

MODULE 5: Depression

MODULE 6: Subconscious Core Beliefs 

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This course has been created to be a resource and self-paced home study program. 

Topics covered in course:

Mental Health




Group Consciousness

Physical Experience


Energy & Frequency






Healing Tools

Self Care


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Explore your relationships and how they affect your life

This is a course on relationship, we are not pointing toward romantic relationship. We are pointing toward all relationship.

Topics covered in course:

MODULE 1: Relationship with Being Alone

MODULE 2: Relationship with Family & Friends

MODULE 3: Relationship with our Thoughts

MODULE 4: Relationship to our Emotions

MODULE 5: Relationship with the World

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Mindfulness for Anxiety - The Ultimate Program for Change

In this course you'll learn:

About your instructors lifelong battles with Anxiety & Addiction

 How society primes us to be anxious

 Understanding the physical, mental & emotional process of Anxiety

The events where you have unresolved Fear

How to have compassion for yourself while experiencing fear

How to slow your thoughts and tap into something much greater

How to meditate

How to stop accumulating emotional baggage

How to work with your inner child

A tool belt full of strategies to help you manage in the future

The internet has an abundance of information, so much so that it is hard to know what information is truth and what information can lead you down the wrong path.

Isolation can be good for short periods of time, but we often yearn to connect with others who are on the same wavelength as us. No more small talk conversations!

Avoid having to subscribe to different places and people for your education, healing and classes - when you can access them all in one place with us!

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Access all of our courses with member exclusive content released weekly.

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I’ve never felt so content with myself and my life before.
I’ve cleared over 30 limiting beliefs & can now genuinely smile and be happy. I’m Not going to lie the first four weeks was probably the hardest moments in my life going back into past trauma events and re living those moments that I tried to brush to the side but I right now I wouldn’t have it any other way I’ve never felt so alive like I do now.
I also got a glimpse of myself and my life in 10 years time & it’s so perfect.

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