How I Got Over My Caffeine Addiction

This has got to be one of the most widely accepted and minimised addictions ... caffeine addiction. 


Here’s a bit about my journey...


So I only started to become a daily coffee drinker at around 26 years old. Coincidentally I had just started a very stressful sales job.


It was really a social ritual that I had partaken in with my work colleagues. Like any drug, at first you enjoy it, then you slowly need to increase the amount to get the same buzz... then it becomes a habit and ritual. 

Then maybe one day, you decide you don’t need it, forget to have it or skip it and boom withdrawal symptoms!


Caffeine withdrawals include;



Brain fog


Just like any drug withdrawal, you basically get the opposite of what the drug gives you ... until you have detoxed and your biochemistry comes back into equilibrium.


Here is what I thought caffeine was giving me;
Some me time
An excuse to go out

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Emotional Attunement

My best teacher, our toddler Tommy, reminded me of the following and I thought I would share it with you all as it's an important part of the human condition.

Because he cannot express verbally with words how he is feeling, he will express it by showing how he is feeling outwardly.

The basic mechanism is that as parents, we start feeling how he is feeling, and thus with this information we can take appropriate action to give him what he needs. This is emotional attunement.

For example, if he’s frustrated because he is hungry, he will start getting very upset and refuse any toy or show or anything that we offer him other than food. His on-going frustration will probably lead to a tantrum and crying ... and guess what ... we will become frustrated. We will start getting angry (and hopefully not have a tantrum as well).

We don’t want to feel that way, and neither does he, so we finally figure out that he is extra hungry today and everyone can relax again. It’s been a...

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EMDR vs Root-cause Therapy Treatment Benefits

When it comes to treatment of mental health issues, such as depression, PTSD, anxiety and more it has been found over and over again that healing trauma can be effective in recovery of many symptoms that people experience which negatively affects them day to day.


A therapy which often gets spoken about is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This was discovered by a psychologist Francine Shapiro whom invented EMDR in the 1980s when she noticed that moving her eyes from side to side seemed to reduce the occurrence of her own distressing memories.

Although there have been some clinical trials for EMDR, the purpose of this article is to compare this older therapy to one of the latest therapies being introduced to heal trauma and its negative effects, Root-cause Therapy. As the name suggests, this therapy is all about getting to the Root-cause of peoples current presenting issues. 


Below we have made a comparison chart to look at how they differ;...

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Root Cause Therapy Supports Chronic Suffering

My journey and education to date, has led me to believe that Dis-ease is an expression of an energetic imbalance within our body. 

Below is video from Dr. Gabor Mate’ discussing this very topic further.


Root Cause Therapy has the potential to create a harmonious relationship within ourselves by clearing the limiting beliefs and patterning we have accumulated in our current and ancestral journey.

Root Cause Therapy promotes conscious awareness to the relationships we have with our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and physical sensations through a very specific intake process. Using your own body as the surrogate for your unconscious mind, together as a team we connect to the limiting beliefs that have shown to be negatively impacting your life.

Once we have determined the lower vibrational frequencies that contribute to the limiting beliefs through the testing method, we proceed into the Time line therapy. This particular time line therapy is advanced in a way...

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What to do when your clients/patients cannot sleep

We naturally want the best for our clients, and when we cannot help them in a particular area it can become frustrating for them and ourselves.


When we think about sleep, we understand that there is a huge importance in the quality and consistency needed to achieve a restful night's sleep. As you may have experienced for yourself, not having enough sleep can negatively affect your mental health as well as ability to concentrate and be patient with others.


If a lack of quality sleep turns into an on-going issue of chronic sleep deprivation it can greatly impact someone’s life as a whole. Conversely, some people have had issues sleeping their whole lives and are somewhat used to being able to function on broken or little sleep, not realizing there is a solution for them.


At The Centre for Healing we are of the belief that everyone deserves good sleep and that it is not natural for someone to a) not be able to get to sleep or b) wake frequently creating...

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What is Root-Cause Therapy?


Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful new and innovative type of therapy which focuses on getting to the underlying or 'root' cause of someone's current presenting issues.

Watch the following video to understand how a session works;

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Keys to a Successful Healing Business.

business healing practice Jun 04, 2020

I was having a chat on the support call with one of our students yesterday and she mentioned that she still feels blocked to put herself out there.

All of us can feel like this to some degree, there is a level of vulnerability that can bring fear when you put yourself out there, especially in the early days of setting up and promoting your healing business. 

I’m not saying I know everything when it comes to business but here are a few core things that Ryan and I consistently do which has helped;

- Remembering that it’s not about us, it’s more about our purpose, or goals and serving humanity (this is your why) which can get your scared ego out of the way. Sometimes I meditate and just ask my soul how I can be of service and what to do next.

- Consistency is key . In the support call I mentioned that Ryan and I try not to overwhelm ourselves with trying to get the absolutely perfect product or package for our customers. We just do the very best that we can in...

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How to rise above fear and uncertainty.


These are certainly uncertain times that we are currently experiencing on a global level.

So, as the worlds economy is crashing, many of us are losing our jobs and businesses and aren’t sure if we can properly provide for our family let alone battling the fear of catching a potentially dangerous virus… it is fair to say that collective stress is at an all time high.


One of the major shake ups, apart from a need to isolate, is the uncertainty around money and the stress that that can bring.

By definition stress is; a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.


Isn’t this definition relevant for these times!

An alternative way to look at stress, as we look at it, is that your reality is not matching your desires that you have created or are a custom to in your mind. I’ll repeat this point just so it sinks in…for example… if you really want chocolate ice cream - you have been...

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How Failing made me Successful

business failure job success Feb 09, 2020

I was in a stressful day job,
getting paid by the hour and feeling like I was wasting my life away.

Feeling like I was failing my life opened me up to seeking an alternative way to make money and with the side benefit of choosing my own hours whilst really helping people with their lives.

Something meaningful.

I know when I first did my training back in I think 2014, studying NLP, I only had 7 days of training. 

We had NO outline of how to run a session, just random tools! 

So I pushed myself, knowing that if I hesitated I would hesitate and question myself - so I just took action and hoped for the best. I created my own general structure and just started seeing people (I charged by the way!) this helped motivate me. 

They don’t know that you don’t know what you are doing, but as long as your heart is in it and you want to help people that is the main thing. 

It is through your mistakes that you will learn. If you are not willing to...

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Healing Babies

babies healing infants trauma Jan 12, 2020

Having a baby is a major event. I know myself, my now 14th month old has finally stopped screaming (as much) and is almost walking on his own… it’s truly amazing to watch.

From my personal experience, the hardest thing is watching your baby be in pain or distressed and not knowing what to do to help.

 It’s a guessing game until you get to know each other. Is it wind? Are they hungry? Do they need their nappy changed? Do they hate me from bringing them into the world?

The poor little thing has grown from a couple of small cells inside your womb and spent 9 months in a nicely incubated, self feeding, safe place - to the bright lights, loud noises and big humans.

 In the work that we do, when we do healings on people and ask for the root-cause to be able to heal their current issues - so many times we go back to the womb, the birth or within the first few years of life.

Here are some patterns that we have found that have come up over conducting thousands of...

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