Learn how to heal yourself and others through this online centre. 



Learn how to heal yourself and others through this online centre. 


We offer you courses, certifications and education in healing and give you guidance on the journey to inner peace.

Practitioner Training 

Become a Certified Practitioner in Root-Cause Therapy, which helps people get to the actual cause and heals painful emotions and traumas rather than just treating the symptoms. Start or improve your own healing business!
- Internationally Recognised Training
- No Prior Qualifications Required
- Start Anytime from Any Device
- Supportive Student Community
- CPD 96 Points

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Free Courses

We offer Free Short Courses in areas such as philosophy, spirituality, understanding trauma, trauma healing and more.

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Free Pre-Training

Interested in becoming a healer or therapist? Or want to improve your current practice and outcomes? Take this free online training to help you understand how to heal trauma, mental health and addictions with our latest innovative method. 

Are you ready to learn how to be a certified Embodied Processing Practitioner?
The Embodied Process is the bottom-up approach to working with trauma, low self esteem, anxiety, addiction, depression and a myriad of other stress related issues.

Our training is designed for both the beginner and experienced practitioner. You will gain an understanding of the foundational principles, theory, and practice of Embodied Processing. This certification course is designed to give you all the tools necessary to become a Certified Embodied Processing Practitioner so that you can start helping others heal from trauma.
Matt & Ryan have created a Free Pre-Training which you can access by clicking the link below which gives insights into their backgrounds and how this process came about, as well as what to expect in this training.
This process was created based on years of lived experience, research, training and client sessions. The creators have incorporated the best methods to help practitioners and clients deepen not only their ability to work with what was once unworkable with normal psychology, but to also deepen into themselves and live a much more present and embodied life.


After being a former patient I was honoured to now learn the techniques of a truly remarkable program that deals with the root cause of trauma.
This program has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and all of the past self sabotaging habits caused by early trauma has really brought positive changes and opportunities to my life.
I now have a self love that I never thought would be possible and want to help others become the best versions of themselves.
The program Melissa has created is highly intelligent and easy to understand and apply. The model combines tackling the root causes of trauma and combines it with a holistic approach. I could not recommend this program enough.

I've always known I wanted to go on to help others after I went through the experience of addiction.
To now have a chance to use the training that gets to the root-cause of issues rather than the surface-symptoms truly feels like the start of my life's purpose being fulfilled.
The Centre For Healing and its staff is supportive in the entire training process and to be able to now take what they created and let it continue to grow half way around the world in the USA, what an honor and a blessing.

Learning this modality has completely changed my life both personally and in the way in which I work with and achieve results with my clients. It has given me and my clients the ability to dig deep and access the underlying pain and blockages disallowing them from achieving their goals so that together we can achieve immediate results. I'm so grateful to have learnt the modality and to be able to share this gift with others.

Chanel de King

Life Coach and Healer

Chanel de King

Life Coach and Healer

Learning this modality is changing my life and giving me the skills to manage anything that is thrown at me. Any obstacle, or challenge.
Absolutely awesome people involved who want to support and learn along the way too.


Co-Founder, Melissa Hiemann, takes you on a journey of how to overcome addictions and improve outcomes for mental health conditions. Having overcome her own mental health and compulsions, then helping Ryan and hundreds of others through their clinic in Melbourne Australia, she created this easy read to share the secrets of how to heal and find inner peace.



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Free Training: How to run a Trauma Informed Business

Learn how to run a Trauma Informed Business. 
If you have experienced trauma (as most of us have), there may be fears around being seen in ways that could impact your visibility or ability for connection.